To dread or not to dread

Last Tuesday I sat on my ass for 6 hours with a sphinx cat on my lap and now I have dreads.

Assignments are currently killing me slowly and painfully, I have 5 due this week and had a test last Friday. I also realised that I have a midterm exam from 7 till 10 pm on a Friday. Who does that!?

On Wednesday I tried out the UWO Choir which was supposed to be formal and classical however the choir couldn’t have been any less formal. Everyone was so enthusiastic it was sickening.

I met with the Bobby Jones exchange students who went to St Andrews last year which was nice. I had my first poutine which wasn’t too bad, it was an optimal one with steak and peppers.

I also went to a club called Cowboys which plays, well, cowboy music. A very surreal experience, and surprisingly fun when songs by Shania Twain come on. However I ended up getting chucked out for falling asleep.

Then I met the group of couchsurfers here in London. It was a BBQ at this guys house and he was wearing a kilt, drinking 28 year old whiskey, and he had haggis too! Then it turned out that he’s this space engineer with loads of contacts in the space industry and he’s currently building this thing which is going to be put on the moon. He also had a paintball gun which we got to have a play with. All in all a bizarre night.

I tried out the acapella choir which was similarly enthusiastic but in a good way. Everyone didn’t think they were the bees knees and they were a lot more friendly. Although the singing is beyond basic they do flash mobs which just sounds like an awesome amount of awesome.

After working all weekend on my computing assignment the USB decided to delete all of my work on the day it was due. I wanted to cry hysterically. I wanted to smash my laptop into tiny pieces. I did neither. I gorged on halva and tried to do it all over again the best I could. Then I got started on my next assignment due the next day and got up early to get it finished whilst studying all throughout the day as well. It looks like I’ll be doing this all week. I am so tired. And so frustrated because I’m trying so hard to do well and the world is going out of it’s way to make it as difficult as possible. I’m working harder than I’ve worked for years but does it make any difference? I find myself spending hours on each question getting no where, it’s like swimming through a brick wall. The work that I hand in might as well be a piece of shit. How am I going to cope when it’s -20C?

I think I loathe physics.

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