Homecoming is not like coming home.

What a long week this has been, and soon it will be the end of another and then another. How the weeks have been flying by. I’ve almost been here for a month now, feels like so much less. I ploughed away at my assignments until 1am every night and they still weren’t even that good. I’m not particularly looking forward to getting them back. But I guess I can only improve, one hopes. Next week should be slightly easier; 3 assignments and a test.

It wasn’t until Thursday when I could actually do something interesting, I never made it to Swing unfortunately, maybe next year… I checked out the Space Society though which was actually rather exciting. The President is definitely a character and a half, and most of them are oddly biology students, but that’s cool with me! I know that I promised to myself that I wouldn’t be on any committees, however I ended up emailing them with all of my ideas (such as getting the couchsurfer guy to give a talk and going on a Northern Lights trip – yes, again, but why not? I’m sure they’re look just as awesome from another continent.) So they wrote back saying I should apply for an exec position; the temptation is irresistible.

On Friday I was feeling very proud of myself. If you know me, you know that I am disgustingly messy, I leave my crap everywhere and my room is always horrific. However, in Canada I seem to be different; I’ve been doing all the dishes more than usual and tidying my room regularly. Maybe it’s easier because I have less of my crap here to leave around. Or maybe I have just simply changed. But for the first time in my life I love my room. I love my fisheye photos all over the walls. I love my posters. I love my shelf and my lamp and my picture frame that a lovely couchsurfer gave to me. Let’s hope that it stays this way.

I also realised that I hadn’t seen or heard the news for weeks, especially since leaving FB. I had a look on the BBC website and to be honest it was all the same: people dead in plane crash, girl kidnapped, David Cameron’s an idiot… just as I was about to give up on the news entirely I came across the magazine section which I found delightfully interesting. Stories about real people, culture, contrast.

Today was homecoming. I could have been in an American movie. Maybe I was. Everyone was wearing purple, and most people had been drinking since 9am. There were house parties in almost every other house. The cops would occasionally appear and 100s of people would scramble away to get to the next house party undetected. Men were showing off by doing drunken pressups whilst others played flip cup and beer pong. The actual game was more boring than I could have imagined; more boring than cricket even. I might even dare to say it; more boring than golf. Perhaps it was because we were losing. But it was likely due to the fact that they don’t do anything. They run around for about 5 minutes, take a 10 minute break, and then run for another couple minutes if they feel like it. And when they run around they don’t particularly do very much. Ice hockey better be better.

It’s so early in the morning but I couldn’t sleep so here I am. I discovered tumblr, and signed up, a good place for writing my poetry and pictures and sharing the music and videos that I feel passionate about.

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