Well that’s another assignment completed and uploaded at 10.45pm on a Friday night. Isn’t life so thrilling? It feels like the beginning of the week is always filled with stress and worry and fear and self-deprecation. But by Wednesday I’m getting happier, and on Thursday I’m at a peak, and I guess I stay fairly steady until around Sunday. The weeks are still flying by, and the trees are changing more dramatically each and every day. I have never seen such bright corals and variations before. It is truly stunning. It will be a sad day when all the colour has gone and the trees are bare.

I got back most of my assignments and well, lets say there’s a lot of room for improvement. I have started trying to get ahead on my assignments so that I can see the Profs more often, and building up the courage to ask other students for help. I have also found my very own private tutor.

As well as paying for this extra education, I also lost money because for the first time in my life I said no. I dropped out of the trip to Algonquin Park, an entire weekend of camping and canoeing amongst the autumn trees within a nature of profound beauty. And I said no. Remarkable huh? Instead I will be studying for my two midterms next week. And going to the Theatre, babysitting, and joining a few friends for Thanksgiving. So it’s not all bad.

My housemate took me for ice cream at a 24 hour ice cream parlour. It was pretty epic.

There was also a rather strange occurrence last Sunday where I was on the bus on the way back from a cappella and the whole street was lined with people holding signs that said something like “Abortion kills babies” and something about Jesus. Now this wasn’t a small street, these streets go on for miles and miles. And it was just weird and slightly disturbing, to feel intruded by the obvious fact that yes, abortion does of course kill babies. But for some people it is a necessity, and they should have the right to do so if need be.

This morning my phone decided to be a douche and not ring the alarm. I woke up at 10.05am. I had an assignment due at 10.30am. Somehow I needed to get out of the house, walk a 10 minute walk to the bus stop, wait for the bus, then take the 10 minute bus journey to Campus, as well as making a diversion via the library to print my assignment. Time must have slowed down because I made it to my lecture at 10.35am.

We also had this very cool Cosmologist dude called Rocky give us a lecture. He is such an entertaining character, comparing the view that Physicists have of Philosophers to what people feel about sex and prostitutes… Although he did reinvigorate my passion for Astronomy and Cosmology. The big questions are so simple yet so expansive and encompassing. He also reinforced my belief that research isn’t for me; you have to enjoy being confused and frustrated. all. the. time.

I have decided that my new destiny is to work for Astronomers Without Borders. I’d get to travel, and show people the stars in places like the Middle East or Africa, who have never had the opportunity to look through a telescope before. I wouldn’t need to worry about not being very good at Partial Differential Equations. I could just babble on about how something was created from nothing, and if you were a photon time doesn’t exist…

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