We Ate the Children Last

At weekends I’ve been getting cultural with Lucy, an Australian girl who lives about 10 minutes away from where I did for six months, on the very pleasant Northern Beaches. We went to a play together, called All Things Beautiful. It was slightly predictable at times, strangely religious and the portrayal of falling in love was extremely superficial, but the ending was good in a serious yet funny way.

We also had Thanksgiving together, with one of her housemates and one of my housemates. We had plenty of food, but it didn’t feel like the full on amazing experience that I’ve often heard about. The next day I did however have some homemade pumpkin pie. I think pumpkin pie is the best thing I’ve experienced in Canada thus far. I should probably exploit it and create a multimillionaire business back in the UK because it is just that good.

Last Sunday we saw Canada’s 10 best short films of 2011 at the museum. This was excellent. The first film, called ORA, was incredible. It portrays dancers filmed using 3D thermal imaging techniques, the first of its kind. It’s truly awesome. I also enjoyed We Ate the Children Last, a funny interpretation of where we could end up in the future; getting pig transplants, turning into pigs, and eventual world chaos. The last one had the most astounding cinematography, Trotteur.

I am very excited to be the new proud owner of a record player. All I need now is some records.

On Friday a friend was having a bonfire, it feels so long since I last enjoyed the dancing flames and warm glowing embers. It seemed like the Canadian’s felt it was a novelty. I did some fire juggling of course, but spent of the night soaking up the heat. It was very cold that week, overnight it went from 18C to 8C and stayed like that for a week. Then suddenly it was 18C again, and now it’s about 10C. Going to need trousers soon. And boots. And a coat.

Studying has been slightly less stressful, although it’s bound to change soon with projects and more midterms looming. Astro is really stressing me out, it’s near impossible, I’ve been getting the worst grades in it and I’m afraid I might fail, which kind of messes with my head little bit. Because it’s astronomy. I’m going to be sick of dust by the end of the semester.

Just found out the preliminary dates for the exams. First I have Classical Mechanics on the 9th of December, almost immediately after lectures end, there’s no revision week. Then I have two exams, Electromagnetism and Maths, on the same day, on the 15th. And finally Astro on the 19th. It’s going to be tough.

I did however email this guy involved with Astronomers without Borders, his project is called Reach for the Stars. And he wrote me the nicest email ever, I’m still buzzing with excitement. Not to fear about doing research immediately he said, he didn’t and he knows many who decided they wanted to do a PhD at 40. He went into Science Communication, and with it he’s had the most awesome opportunities and has travelled the world. He currently works in Hawaii. And, although there’s no funding or anything, I am welcome to join him with one of his projects. Currently holding my breath with anticipation.

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