Music is my life.

This year has been such a huge year for me in the terms of music. My horizons have opened into a vast chasm that keeps on pouring the most amazing sounds endlessly, of all shapes and forms. Thanks go to all of you who have opened this world for me, you know who you are. I wanted to share some of my discoveries with you. In no particular order.

My first choice has to be Rhye, The Fall. I have listened to it countless times on repeat for days at a time. Everytime I hear his voice (yes, he’s a he) I melt into a plasma puddle. Wonderous music video:

Next is my most recent discovery, Public Service Broadcasting, who are the most innovative, creative band ever. I just can’t get over how amazing they are.

Now we have Boogie Belgique, an ingenious combination of beats and swing.

Hidden Orchestra. That is all I have to say. Actually, no, I have to say listen/download these:

It will be the best three hours of your life.

Alice Russel. What a voice. Watch the incredible music video:

Glen Hansard. Watch the film called Once. You will not regret it. And you will probably experience a strange irresistible urge to buy the soundtrack, despite the fact that you have never ever wanted a soundtrack before. Every time he sings his heart out the passion shivers down my spine. Or I’ll want to wrench my heart out with a spoon. And he’s Irish. ‘Nuff said.

And of course, the beautiful Laura Marling. Her talent knows no bounds. And I had the best time singing this with Miwa. Can’t wait to sing it with you again.

Cinematic Orchestra. For some reason this always almost moves me to tears.

Because I could pretty much go on forever I’ll just list songs from now on. I was going to asterisk the best ones, but then I asterisked them all.

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