It has taken me many years to compile all of this information together. If this blog has helped you, I would be endlessly grateful if you signed up to some of the offers listed below. Best of all, it won’t cost you a penny, and often you get money for free as well!

Typically I get small bonuses when you sign up. Although I’ve listed everything in £, you can often get the equivalent in your currency (particularly USD or EUR). Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  1. Fineco – Get £100 if you open an account with Fineco and transfer £1000 into it. You can transfer it out again as soon as you receive the £100. No switching required.
  2. Nationwide – If you switch to Nationwide using my referral code we each get £100. You can also get 5% interest on the money in your account (up to £2500), which is significantly better than most banks out there.
  3. Tandem – If you set up an account and switch on Autosavings we’ll both get a £10 Amazon voucher.
  4. Xoom – a new service provided by PayPal. You can get £10 for free if you make a transfer with my link.
  5. TransferWise – get a discount on your first transfer. If you are transferring money abroad, then TransferWise can do this for you at the lowest rates. Their borderless account also allows you to have bank accounts in several different currencies (GBP, EUR, USD, AUS) and hold money in more than 40 different currencies.
  6. AirBnb – get £25 of travel credit for accommodation all across the world.
  7. – get 10% back on bookings for hostels, hotels etc. Also great because you can usually make reservations for free and free cancellations too!
  8. Plum – this app helps you save money effortlessly. Plum also has the option to invest your savings.
  9. Chip – similar to Plum, except you get 1% interest on your savings when you sign up with this code: 1GSSHH (without investing).
  10. Cleo – another app which links to your bank account and helps you manage your money. Get £5 when you sign up with my link.
  11. WeSwap – get £10 when you sign up. Access to 18 different currencies, exchanging directly with people and avoiding high bank fees.
  12. Colu – get £2 when you install and top up. A digital wallet which allows you to pay local businesses with many discounts.
  13. Zopa – a peer-to-peer lending platform. We both get a £50 bonus if you invest more than £2000.
  14. GiffGaff – a great mobile phone network who I have been using for more than a decade. No contracts! Get £5 for free with this link.
  15. Quidco – a reliable cashback rewards website. Get £10 for free with this link.
  16. PickMyPostcode – For those with UK postcodes only.
  17. WhoGivesACrap – get £5 off ethical toilet roll with this link.
  18. Seedrs – an easy way to invest in companies (equity crowdfunding). Get £25 free investment credit if you sign up and invest £150 or more within 30 days of signing up.
  19. Uber – get £3 off your first ride.
  20. YouGov – If you like filling in surveys then YouGov is for you. After completing enough surveys you can get £50.
  21. Honey – A free and very easy to install browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes when you checkout. 
  22. UNiDAYS – A great range of awesome discounts for students (must have an email address ending