[Last updated: 26th April 2020]

(scroll down for UK opportunities)

DIAS – [New!] Two-month internships in Dublin, Ireland (which may be remote) with a €1,500 per month stipend.

TAPS – [New!] Research projects offered by staff at Nicolaus Copernicus University.

ASPIRE – The Astrophysics Summer Program for International Research Experience is brought to you by the Anton Pannekoek Institute at the University of Amsterdam. There are 8 different research projects to choose from and it’s open to anyone of any nationality – they even cover flights, accommodation and offer a moderate stipend for living costs!

OCA – The Henri Poincaré Junior Program of Côte d’Azur Observatory offers internships for Masters and PhD students for two months or more. There is a condition that you must be from a country where astrophysical and Earth sciences are in development.

ESO – 6-week long programme for undergrad and master students in Munich. Accommodation and stipend provided. However, you must belong to an ESO Member State, Australia or Chile. Also check out ESO’s recruitment portal for other internships.

HdA’s International Summer Internship Programme – The Haus der Astronomie in Heidelberg, Germany offers three week internships for those older than 16 but haven’t yet started University.

LEAPS – The Leiden/ESA Astrophysics Program for Summer Students offers a fantastically comprehensive list of research topics. The internships last 10-12 weeks with funding and accommodation available.

ASTRON/JIVE – Located in the Netherlands at the Dwingeloo Observatory, with a focus on Radio Astrophysics, there is still a great range of topics available for research.

MPIA – Summer internships available at the Max Planck Institute near Heidelberg. They last 1-3 months in the summer time, with a salary of about €820 a month.

IAC – This funded summer grants programme takes place on the Canary Islands with projects in astrophysics or technology.

INT – The Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes offers a year long Studentship for those who are currently undergraduate, Masters or PhD students, on La Palma.

NCAC – The Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Centre offers the chance to carry out scientific research in Warsaw and Torun, Poland for 4-6 weeks.

SRON – The Netherlands Institute for Space Research offers students with EU nationality internships and graduate projects. If also registered at an EU University, you may be able to receive financial support.

RISE – Limited to students from the UK, US and Canada, there are always opportunities to carry out Astrophysical research at choice of different German institutions.

ESA – Internships of 3-6 months for nationals of ESA Member States and Cooperating States, located at ESTEC, ESOC, ESAC, ECSAT or ESRIN.ESO – The European Southern Observatory usually have internships available throughout the year, often in Garching, Germany with a small stipend and accommodation.

Young Graduate Trainees – A fantastic one year opportunity for Masters graduates to work at ESA, for nationals of ESA Member States and Cooperating States.
Also see the National Trainee Programmes.

CERN –  Because, well, CERN.


Cormack Vacation Scholarship – [New to 2020!] 6-week scholarship open to undergraduate students of any nationality, to carry out research at any university in Scotland.

UCL – scholarships often available for international students with many different research themes available, for a 2 month period. Here is the Astrophysics department page.

UROP – The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme at Imperial College London is also available to Masters students, and has Astrophysics topics available.

Oxford – Summer Research Programme for EU nationals for 8 weeks over the summer, with a stipend available.

SURE – Limited to students studying in UK Universities, undertake research for 6 weeks within the Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Space Research Centre at the University of Leicester. Allowance available.

STFC – The Science and Technology Facilities Council provide the chance for UK undergrads to work at The UK Astronomy Technology Centre in Edinburgh for 4-12 weeks.

Cardiff – Cardiff University offer summer research internships between 4-8 weeks. Weekly allowance available.

LCO – Science Communication summer internships also at Cardiff.

King’s – Internships available for up to three months in Cosmology, at King’s College London. Unfortunately no funding available, but you can always try to get funding from elsewhere.

QUB – Queen’s University Belfast offer summer studentships, lasting 8 weeks, with a stipend of £1000.

Hertfordshire – The University of Hertfordshire offers 4-8 week internships with some funding available.

Cavendish – The Cavendish Laboratory and the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Cambridge offer 4-10 week summer placements.

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