Summer Schools

[Last updated: 30th April 2019]

I’ve tried to find all of the Schools which include masters students and below, not only PhD students. However, if you happen to be a PhD student, look here and here for tons more opportunities.


Space School – A three-day residential in Kent, UK for 15-18 year olds.

Summer School of Science – Aimed at high-school students with a strong interest in science with hands-on experience working in small groups on a specific project. Located in Croatia.

PSI – The Petnica Summer Institute is located in Serbia and covers a range of topics in both Astrophysics and AstroParticles.

Alpach – Every year visit the Tyrol region (mountains!) of Austria to learn about space!

IMPRS – A summer school in Heidelberg, Germany, hosted by Max Planck. Held annually.

OPTICON – [New to 2019!] Observational Astrophysics: from proposals to publication is a 9-day school in June in Slovakia. You will reduce and analyse astrophysical data from large telescopes, participate in a proposal review, and learn about publishing your results.

ERIS – [New to 2019!] The Europea​n Radio Interferometry School will take place in Sweden in October this year. 

Astrosoma [New to 2019!] A school near Moscow covering the state of the art theory, simulations and observations related to cosmology and structure formation. The school welcomes undergraduate and graduate students, and postdocs.


First Light – [New to 2019!] This summer school is on the topic of reionisation. It’s for Master students and upwards, and they even pay flights and accommodation! Never been to Brazil? What are you waiting for?

Growth – [New to 2019!] A free summer school in San Diego on transients. It’s for advanced bachelors and grad students.

Dunlap – A five day summer school for those interested in astronomical instrumentation in Toronto, Canada.

ISSYP – The International Summer School for Young Physicists is a two-week program for high school students with a keen interest in theoretical physics who intend to pursue physics at the university level.

Fermi – The Fermi Summer School is located in Delaware, USA, and focuses on analysing data from Fermi.


ASP – The African School of Fundamental Physics and Applications has bursaries and full support available. It takes place annually in a different country each year.


Kavli – The Kavli Summer Program in Astrophysics is a 6 week programme for graduate students. [Only PhD students and above.]

ISYA – The International School for Young Astronomers is a three-week international postgraduate school, taking place in a different country each year.

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